Men’s Barber Shop

Traditional Shave

The traditional Straight Razor Shave includes application of a steam towel to open up the pores and soften the hair follicle. Hot lather is applied and you will receive a first pass shave with the grain of the beard. A second application of hot lather follows, with second shave against the grain for a closer shave. A cool towel is applied to close the pores.

Barber Steam Facial

Includes application of a steam towel to open up the pores, a facial wash and steam application. .

Traditional Barber Haircut

Traditional Barber's Haircut includes cut, wash and style.

Beard Trim

Using only the best trimmers in the industry to provide a close trim not putting a hair out of place.

Mustache Trim

Closely trimming all the areas creating a crisp shape and shave.

Mustache and Beard Trim

Using a straight blade to create crisp lines for the outline, followed by a trim of mustache and beard area.

Price Time
Traditional Shave $32 30 mins
Barber Steam Facial $55 45 mins
Traditional Barber Haircut $30 30 mins
Beard Trim $18 20 mins
Mustache Trim $15 15 mins
Mustache and Beard Trim $35 40 mins